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Tonia Paul
BSc (Hons) Midwife, PGDip Health Visiting

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Hi, I’m Tonia, a proud mother of two wonderful grown-upboys. The journey through parenthood-full of breath-takingmoment and a fair share of confusion-continues to the one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.


Having worked as a Midwife. I’ve been privileged to witness and be part of the diverse tapestry of birth experiences, from planned arrivals to unexpected turns that brings life’s little miracles into this world. Now as a Health Visitor, I’m devoted to supporting families through the transition into parenthoodand way beyond. I provide advice and support in many areas of parenthood, whether that be the more turbulent times such as sleep difficulties or feeding difficulties to celebrating a child’s developmental milestone and their journey to reaching their full potential.

I am excited to share my insights and experiences with you. Whether you are a solo parent, blended family, or stepping into parenthood for the first time. Our space is open and friendly, so join us, and let’s journey through pregnancy and beyond together. Building not just knowledge but also nurturing potential lifelong friendships along the way.

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