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B.l.o.o.m Package

Week 1
  • Introductions and meeting new perspective parents.

  • Hormones: How you are feeling and how to care for yourself.

  • Importance of nurture for baby brain development and bonding

Week 4
  • What to expect in the first few days

  • Infant feeding

  • Feeding cues

  • Colic and Reflux  

  • Physical and emotional changes following birth

  • Understanding newborn sleep and sleep deprivation

  • Expectations

  • Role of partners

Weekend Crash Course

Contact us with your expression of interest 

Week 2
  • Which Birthplace

  • What to pack

  • The latent phase of Labour and hormone changes

  • Birth partner

  • When to know it’s time to go to hospital

  • Stages of labour including premature Delivery. 

  • Self-care including bladder care

Week 5
  • Baby brain development and attachment

  • ICON

  • How to look after yourselves

  • Pelvic floor

  • Relationship changes

  • How to access support

  • Peer Farewell until the reunion

Cost of Package
  • 5 x 2 Hour Face To Face Sessions

  • Reunion

  • Handouts

   £165 per couple

   £135 for solo

Week 3
  • Myths: Drinking castor oil, having sex, spicy foods, perineal massage, nipple stimulation, baby movements

  • Induction of labour

  • Pain relief

  • Birth: Natural, assisted

  • Birthing Positions

  • Third Stages of labour: Active, physiological

  • Caesarean Section

  • Skin to skin

  • Vernix


Group Reunion 

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