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Michelle Talbot
BSc (Hons) Midwife 


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Hey there I’m Michelle and I get it!  The whirlwind of becoming a parent can be overwhelming.  With 15 years of midwifery under my belt and a proud mother of two wonderful boys (not forgetting my supportive husband and spotty 4 legged friend), I have been in your shoes. When I took my own journey into parenthood I was not a midwife at the time.  I had based my expectations on experiences of others and not realising that each journey is unique to each of us.

I have been through those moments where every word of advice felt like a wild card and the overwhelming feeling of having too much information at times.

During my journey as a Midwife within a local maternity trust and community setting I have had the opportunity to gain experience caring and supporting women and their families through their journey of pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods.  I have had the pleasure of working within obstetric maternity units upon their delivery suites, postnatal wards and midwifery led units.  I have also delivered antenatal classes within the NHS setting.

It was my experience of becoming a midwife that drove me to create a space where expecting parents like you can find not just guidance but a supportive community.  Our classes are not just about information they are about building friendships, sharing stories and creating connections that extend far beyond the due date.

I understand that the unknowns of pregnancy and birth can be daunting and that is why we founded B.L.O.O.M.

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