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Antenatal & Postnatal Classes

About B.l.o.o.m.

We are Michelle and Tonia, two sisters, passionate about working within the local Public Health Sector with over 30 years combined experience.


As both parents and Professionals we understand how confusing it can feel with the extensive resources of information which can feel overwhelming and conflicting. We can pull together the evidence based and relevant information to support you in your choices.


Michelle, a locally practising Community and Hospital based Midwife, known for her hands-on expertise during the pregnancy, birth and post-natal period. Coupled with Tonia, also a locally practising Health Visitor, registered Midwife with experience of University Lecturing in Health Visiting. Together, we can deliver a much richer programme that is different from others.


Tonia’s and Michelle's multi-faceted background in pre and post maternal care and education enriches the support they offer, ensuring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassionate guidance for parents-to-be.


Join us in Fentham Hall in the beautiful village of Hampton in Arden on this transformative journey on antenatal and postnatal care where genuine connections make the path to parenthood a professionally guided and enriching experience for all.


Meet TheTeam

Our Team

We are B.l.o.o.m. a duo consisting of sisters who share a common passion for providing the best possible care and support to pregnant women and families. We believe every woman deserves a positive and empowering birth experience, and we want to ensure that families are well-equipped with knowledge and resources to navigate the pre and postpartum period with confidence. Our approach is focused on building relationships with women and families, working to provide the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Our Services

Labour & Birth

Preparing for childbirth can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. At Bloom, we offer Labour & Birth services designed to empower you throughout the process. From signs and stages of labour to pain relief and modes of birth, our experienced team provides the support and education you need to prepare for your baby's arrival. With our personalised care and attention, you can focus on what's important: bringing your little one into the world.

Infant Feeding Advice

Are you a new parent struggling with the decision of infant feeding? At Bloom, we can provide professional support for all aspects of feeding, including breastfeeding, expressing, and formula feeding. With our guidance, you can be confident in making an informed choice for your child. Trust us to help navigate your way through this exciting, yet challenging time.

Postpartum Support

Bloom takes you through everything you need to know about caring for your newborn. Our expert team provides advice and support to help new parents understand the unique needs of their newborn. We’ll guide you through managing expectations and understanding the role of a support partner in creating a safe and nurturing environment for your baby.

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